Commonwealth Disappointment For Micky Yule as He Misses Out on a Medal

By 2nd August 2014News

Micky-Yule-Commonwealth-GamesMicky Yule couldn’t add to team Scotland’s record breaking medal haul today, coming agonizingly close to a spot on the podium with a 4th place finish at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games.

The Scotsman completed his first two lifts of 172kg and 177kg but failed to complete his third lift of 183kg. Ibrahim Abdulazeez took Gold with a lift of 224kg.

You could see the disappointment coming from Micky immediately after the competition but still, he was able to put the experience into perspective.

“I was in the land of the giants tonight. I was the lightest guy there, next to these big lumps,” he said. “If I’d got that last lift, I would have put the guy under a bit of pressure, but I was actually getting close to my maximum load so it was a bit of a Hollywood lift really. It just never happened for me today.”

Like every other Scottish athlete, Yule was quick in praising the home support. “The crowd was brilliant. I could spot my son in there and it was a great atmosphere,” he said. “The first two lifts, I didn’t even feel them. It’s been brilliant staying in the Village and the team’s been doing so well. It’s just disappointing that I couldn’t add to the medal tally today.”

Yule is now looking forward to the Rio 2016 Paralympics where he feels he will have a more realistic chance of coming home with a medal. He will be in a weight category with lifters of a similar weight instead of competing with with athletes up to 30kg heavier which he was forced to do here in Glasgow.

Overall Micky is very positive about his Commonwealth Games experience despite failing to bring a medal home. “It’s been brilliant,” he said. “If you had said to me four years ago I’d be lifting in front of all these people I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s sad I never medalled, but if medals were easy, everybody would have one. I just need to train harder.”