Another Gold Medal For Micky Yule as He Wins the IPC Americas Open

By 27th April 2015News

Competing in the mens up to 65kg category, Micky Yule lifted 177kg to win Gold at the IPC Powerlifting Americas Open Championships.

Despite failing to lift his third weight of 183kg, Yule still managed to finish 26kg ahead of Brazilian silver medal winner, Alexsander Whitaker.

Prior to this competition, the Scot came 4th at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and took Gold at the Invictus Games, held at the Olympic Park in London.

Micky credits Help For Heroes for a lot of his success and attended a joint training camp at the charity’s Tedworth House Recovery Centre in conjunction with British Weightlifting to prepare for the Mexico competition.

He said: “Help for Heroes has supported me from day one. Civvie gyms don’t have the weights I need, or the adapted benches to lift them on, so without the grant from Help for Heroes for the right equipment, I wouldn’t be able to set myself such high targets.

“It’s not just the grant though – Tedworth House has one of the best gyms in the country, and coming down here for training sessions really boosts morale. Taken simply as a training facility, its world class, but when you add everything else that goes on here into the mix, it becomes something really special.”