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The Ice Warrior

Presently, double amputees can’t take part in the Winter Olympic sport of skeleton, it’s deemed too dangerous. But Micky set out to prove that being an amputee shouldn’t mean being stopped competing in this sport.

Sliding downhill, face first at speeds of 120km an hour, Micky has set himself a huge challenge. To go up against the reigning world skeleton champion and Olympic medal-winner, Martins Dukurs.

This is the first time a double amputee has gone head to head against an able-bodied world champion skeleton athlete.

About Micky Yule

After losing both his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, Micky Yule has set his sights on becoming the best Paralympic powerlifter in the world.

He also shares his incredible story with thousands of people, inspiring them to overcome the challenges that life throws their way and helping them to improve their business, their relationships, and their lives.

Micky’s Story

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Gold at Invictus 1:24

Watch Micky’s Gold medal winning lift at the Invictus Games, after which he his presented with his medal by Prince Harry.

Road to Rio 2:55

Listen as Micky explains his hopes and dreams for his Paralympic debut at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Powerlifting Explained 1:04

Listen as Micky explains the rules of Paralympic Powerlifting for British Weight Lifting.

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