Soldier. Athlete. Inspiration.

"I Am the Master of My Fate..."

After losing both his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, Micky Yule has set his sights on Rio 2016 Paralympics.

He also shares his incredible story with thousands of people, inspiring them to overcome the challenges that life throws their way and helping them to improve their business, their relationships and their lives.

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Micky has turned what can only be described as a horrific accident and the resulting 'disability' into a gift.

A driving force to inspire people like myself to get off their backsides, smash through the barriers in their lives and enjoy everything life has to offer because it could all be gone in an instant.

Ben Doyle Director, 51 Ways Ltd

Micky's story is one of incredible strength, bravery and achievement at all costs and one which touched the hearts and minds of the audience. He is someone that when he talks, everyone listens and everyone is engrossed in what he is saying.

He talked us all through the great things in his life and how the armed forces helped shape his outlook on life, the life changing event that has created fresh challenges and how he has been able to overcome these challenges and push himself to new heights and new limits.

Micky is a true inspiration and his story deeply inspires members of the audience to think differently about their various challenges and what they would like to overcome in their lives ahead, whatever the context.

Alex MurphySenior Brand Manager, Weetabix

Micky Yule is a truly inspirational and impressive individual.

In ABF The Soldiers’ Charity we rate him as one of our best Ambassadors; he has proved to be a most accomplished speaker at many different and high profile fundraising events, ranging from a No.10 reception, corporate partnership dinners, and media launch events. He is much in demand; he has real presence, an engaging yet modest speaking style and brings to bear a healthy dose of soldier humour.

On his road to recovery from being blown-up in Afghanistan, his immense success with competitive powerlifting at an international level is testament to his incredible motivation to succeed.

I recommend him most highly.

Brigadier Robin BaconABF The Soldiers’ Charity

“Micky is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Engaging, honest, down to earth and very matter of fact about what has happened to him.

He gives the audience an insight into how sport has, and is changing his life. You could have heard a pin drop during his talk. He can connect with students and adults alike and really gets across to the audience his passion.

Students and parents were queuing to chat with Micky afterwards and he spoke to them all. The feedback the Academy received from parents after the award ceremony sang nothing but his praises. Inspirational”.

Zak NeedhamOutdoor Persuits Instructor, Samworth Church Academy